Wednesday, January 20, 2010

fix before and after pics

I had to post the first try and the fixed pics side by side because I feel it is such an improvement I want to remember this. I often make mistakes and toss them out so I don't have to remember ever making a mistake. I rather pretend they didn't happen then try to fix it. BTW I didn't fix this because I wanted to fix it. I did it because my 2 yo loves her new flower shirt. I learn so much from my wonderful children!
Before pic.

It is to large. The amount of excess fabric on the sides are EXTREME!

After pic

Fit is 100 X's better. Don't you agree?

One more look...

Look at all the extra fabric on the side.


Isn't that better?

Note to self: Taking a few minutes to fix a mistake can be worth it even with cheap fabric. This fabric cost $1.50. It only took a few minutes to fix and made one little girl very happy!


Kat said...

good on you! Looks great! Thanks for sharing :)

Tracy said...

Great job and a good reminder too.