Friday, January 22, 2010

My New Treasure Chest

I got lots of exciting sewing and craft gifts for Christmas. My hubby and children bought me fabric, soap making stuff, machine needles, embroidery thread, and other fun crafty stuff. My Mom gave me a very generous gift card to Joann Fabric (my favorite store). Rob's mom gave me a crafty box. This crafty box is kind of like an old pirate's treasure chest only it's for a craft lover (me).

The box was so full it wouldn't close.

Look at all the wonderful treasures inside!

Polar fleece!

Fabric with a Japan stamp on it. Last year my hubby bought me a lot of Japanese fabrics. I don't remember any of them with a stamp like this on them. I find it very interesting. I think I need to pull out my Japanese pattern book for this fabric.

Pic above is muslin, some lining fabric, canvas, and the green stuff is a table cloth or drape fabric. It is very interesting... Very different from anything I have ever used before.

Bottom weight fabrics. Denim and twill!

Blue is knit material. Other 2 I think one is like a satin (might have wrong side out). The brown is a very thin, light weight,sheer type of fabric.

Trims. Very cool funky trim! I know everyone knows I love my trims! I have about 50 ideas on what to do with the green trim and 4 ideas for the white.

More trims and do-dads.

Even more trims and some thread.

Yes even more trims!!!!



And this very cool fabric. It is a very heavy fabric. It looks and feels very vintage (I love vintage stuff). I know many other things in the box are vintage and that makes this box of treasures more fun for me to have!

Other than my dream box of treasures she also gave me a coat box FULL of ZIPPERS!

s box must have hundreds of zippers in it! I have already used over a dozen and the box is still over the top full! I will put all this to good use! I will try to post pics of all my completed projects. I have to admit I have 5 items sewn but I haven't taken pics. I hope to do a little photo shoot with my girls this weekend.

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