Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Circle Skirt, Brown Leggings, and Turtle neck.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I wrote this post up a couple days ago (so I could post over the holiday and not fall behind). The temps. are dropping fast here in NE PA but I like the layering of clothes that goes with this time of year. I can blog action shots of 3 items I made all in one post. I think I made the brown leggings about a week and half ago. Last week I created the circle skirt. Tuesday I whipped up the turtle neck. Demi's odd look and folded hands are because it is COLD at my house (40 deg F).

The circle skirt is was made from a pink and brown houndstooth print I bought at Walmart a few months ago for $1.50 a yard (uber deal). I am sure my husband who does a lot of fabric shopping for me doesn't believe it is Walmart fabric but I swear it is and it was in the $1.50 bin (hurry to your local Walmart and buy any they have left). The skirt is hemmed with brown bias tape. I sewed an exposed brown zipper because I really liked the way the brown zipper looked showing on the pink and brown houndstooth print.

Love the twirl of a circle skirt. When she twirls you can see the cute, brown, ribbed, leggings and her fur pom pom boots.

Please forgive the large crease down the front of the skirt. It was a dark dreary day and the little bit of sun we had was going to set soon so I rushed outside without running an iron over the skirt.

The turtle neck was made out of brown ribbed knit fabric (Joann fabric). The leggings are made from same fabric.

Patterns used...

Leggings I made from my own simple pattern.

Turtle neck top pattern was made using Child's Play Wild Ginger pattern making software All I did was select my daughter's clothing size (size 5) clicked active wear, long sleeve, turtle neck and print... POOF I had a pattern in about 2 minutes time (I love that program).

Circle skirt- I just cut out a large doughnut (large circle of fabric with a circle in the middle) and a waistband. No pattern needed for circle skirts (I LOVE that).

I plan to return tomorrow with another finished sewing project (shame on me I am such a big show off this week). ;-)


maryanne @ mama smiles said...

What a cute outfit!

Yoggi Bme said...

Hi, Miss wonderfully talented (only in my dreams am I). you just happend to post this on my birthday. I have run accross your post as I have been searching for weeks and my daughter has been complaining of how long it is taking me to finish the project I've been working on all winter (now beginning of Summer).
So anyways love your blog.
I have a new grandson, almost two and he loves (adores) Elmo. So I have made him a crochet beanie. I finally got the hat, eyes, and nose ( Ahh haah). I have searched high and low for the right mouth and how to implement it over the crochet.
I have finally found it, please please please can you help me?