Friday, November 26, 2010

Faux Fur Coat.

Please forgive the poor photography in this post. I think I had a setting wrong on my camera. I should turn off my sewing machine and read the books that came with the camera... LOL! That is funny! I think everyone knows I am not willing to turn my sewing machine off to read CAMERA books. Lets pretend I was trying to get some "Artsy Fashion" pictures with this one. ;-) We can pretend not to notice my blond girl looks like she has no hair on the top of her head.

This is a simple coat made with a layer of black faux fur on the outside, a hidden layer of thick polar fleece, and lined with a purple Asian print. The fleece gives it a lot of warmth.

I chose a large cloak style hood. For closures I used black snaps and a thick satin bow that ties in the front.

The Part that I like the best is how the cloak hood gives a very large Peter Pan type collar when the hood is down. I hate to admit this but that part was NOT planned out. The coat just turned out that way.

I don't know if I can remember how I made the pattern. I had a lot of projects going on all at the same time and I just can't remember exactly how I did it. I do know I used the Child's Play software to make it. I know I changed a few things as I went along. For Child's Play users wanting the info I think I picked Jackets, style oversized, closure single breasted short length, draped hood. I can't promise but I think that is what I did. I remember I cut the pattern a bit larger (maybe an inch) to give more room because I knew the fur and thick fleece would be bulky. I am happy I did that! If I didn't make the body and arms a bit larger when I cut out the pattern this coat would have been very snug on her (probably wouldn't have fit). To make the casing for the satin tie I hand stitched above and below the ribbon into the fur and fleece. It is so easy to hide hand stitches in fur and it didn't take long to do. I think as I get back into the habit of blogging I will get better at writing down details before I forget what I did.

Note: Wild Ginger does not pay me to say nice things about the Child's Play software. I love it and think it's an amazing program. I use it whenever I don't have the time to draft my own pattern out with pencil and paper.

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