Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Fashion Show

I watched The Fashion Show again last week. The challenge was to make a femme fatale outfit. I was a bit sad because sewing something mysterious and seductive is out of the question! My beautiful models are only 3 and 5 years old! I really wanted a sewing challenge so I decided to get as close to the challenge as I could. They used some 1940's clothing for part of the inspiration so I decided to sew a 1940's outfit. The only problem with that is I knew NOTHING about 40's clothing. I haven't watched a 1940's movie in a very long time (I find it hard to watch any movies with 3 young children at home). I wasted most of my weekend looking up 1940's clothes on the web. After 2 days of looking I finally found something I liked.
I thought this would be a good choice. Knee length dress, flared 6 gore skirt, large pockets, belted waist, square neck, with a matching bolero jacket.

I stayed up until 4AM Sunday night (Monday morning) to finish this...

Seriously is this super cute or is it just me??? I know it is the model that makes the dress look nice. I think all 3 year old children are so cute nobody ever notices the clothes or the stitches. It is very cold here in NE PA so I put thick red tights and fur boots with it and I love the way they look with the dress. The jacket is reversible.

I think this dress style is timeless. I doubt anyone will ever see it and think that's a 1940's outfit.

I might have to add a tie to the front of the jacket. She is very active so it might not stay on her without a tie in the front. In picture above the wind blew the one side open. I am thinking about changing the jacket to have that fold up V cuff. I wasn't crazy about the cuff but my hubby finds it interesting so I might work on that later this week. I have to take out the seam at the bottom of the pockets. I rushed them at 4 AM so I could get to bed. I want to hand stitch them so they are invisible. I will do that while watching TV tonight.
Above is a picture of the dress without a jacket. It was windy and cold so we hurried. I wish I would have taken a few more pictures.

Side picture.

And the back. I am so happy with how this turned out. I made it with some cheep fabric from Walmart (I think I bought it last year). Demi wants a dress just like it. I will have to use another print because I don't have anymore of this fabric left.

Looking back I don't think I really wasted my weekend. I think I learned a lot. I knew nothing about 40's fashions and now I have TONS of ideas for future outfits... Wartime gray shirt dresses, tailored skirts, tailored jackets, wool coats with fur trim, cute swim suit ideas, and oodles of hats. I doubt I will ever search for 40's stuff again but I think I stored a lot ideas in my head to use later on.

Now the sad news... The dress is soaking right now because Zee dripped ketchup down the front at lunch time today. It is just a play dress but I hope the ketchup comes out.

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