Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Whatcha Working With Wednesday.

I thought I would go W crazy on Wednesdays the best I could come up with was Whatcha Working With Wednesday.

Here is a peek at what is heaped on my kitchen table set out on my work table in my studio.

This is going to be a circle skirt for Demi. I am a few inches too short on bias tape (my awesome hubby is stopping at Joanns on his way home from work). Other than that all it needs is a zipper in the back. I hope to have it finished in the next couple days. I have plans in my head to make an underskirt, top, and sweater to go with it but we all know that might never happen.

This is a faux fur coat for Zee. It needs the rest of the snaps put on it. I need to finish the hem on the sleeves and then work out if I want to add a ribbon tie on it. If I force myself to work on it I could have it done in 15 minutes (yet somehow it has looked just like this for over a month now).

Cat in the hat/fish in a pot outfit for Zee. Jeans are done but I need to make the top to go with it.

Jumbo granny squares I have 4 done (need around 36). Once I crochet a stack of them I plan to make a "pretty" bed dressing for the girls bedroom.

All projects will be quick to finish up except for the crochet. I hope to finish them all this week.

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