Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Elmo Jeans and Whatcha Working With Wednesday

I finished Elmo Jeans. I have made several Elmo jeans just like this over the last year. This pair is not for one of my kids (no action shots). What my family calls Elmo jeans are thanks to my girls. Demi told me years ago she didn't like me decorating back pockets because she couldn't see them. For that reason I started adding small decorated pockets to the front or on the sides. Zee didn't like small pockets because she couldn't fit rocks and toys in them so I started using over sized pockets (adult and big kid back jean pockets) Zee loved Elmo (I digitized an Elmo for my embroidery machine). I then added a bit of what I like to the Elmo jeans I love a roll up cuff (have room to grow). I love adjustable waist. I love a worn in distressed look (try to make them all from distressed adult or big kid jeans). A fake zipper fly looks nice to me. A big colorful button is a must. A roomy pair of jeans is important because it gives active kids freedom to move and moms a easy time dressing and undressing (I created a very roomy pattern that will fit very chunky cloth diapered babies).

Large rolled up cuff. I think this pair will fit 12 months-3t.

Zee loves the embroidered Elmo pockets. I LOVE putting large back jean pockets on the sides of baby/toddler jeans. I have never seen anyone do it before so I think it makes my jeans look original. This pair of jeans started out as size 12 boys jeans (my 10 year old son wore/distressed and outgrew them).

fake fly stitching and very cute large round button. I LOVE this fun button! I hope to find more just like it.

Here is an inside look at the adjustable waist. Very easy to do and a must have with little kids clothes.

Whatcha Working With Wednesday

I am thrilled to say I have several projects finished up already...
Embroidered Thanksgiving outfit for Zee
An owl turtle neck to wear under the outfit
A smocked Thanksgiving outfit for Demi (still needs a new zipper)
A turtle neck (for Demi to wear with circle skirt)
AND the Elmo jeans I shared above


I need to make some hats and a purse. Easy peasy hats and tiny purse (hope to knock them both out in just a couple hours tomorrow night). If I find time I might make up Zee's new Elmo jeans, an underskirt for Demi's circle dress, and slippers for my son. I don't have to have them finished right away so I might let them go into the weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving! I think I need some roomy Elmo jeans for Thanksgiving dinner (I love to eat).

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Yoggi Bme said...

Please Please would you show me how to make or embroider the mouth?
I sent a comment but posted on another pic.
Love your blog