Monday, November 22, 2010

This week sewing list is TOO long!!!

I am going to try to find a bit of computer time in this week of sewing madness. Here is my list of sewing projects for this week...
An embroidered outfit for Zee (to wear on Thanksgiving)
A turtle neck for Zee (to go under the outfit)
A corduroy dress for Demi (to wear on Thanksgiving)
A turtle neck (or T-shirt) for Demi to go with the circle skirt I made last week.
2 pair of Elmo jeans.
4 hats
A reversible purse (for Demi).

Here are the fabrics I am using.

It's only 3 tops, 1 dress, 3 pants, 4 hats, and one purse to sew up in the next two day. I want to finish them all up by end of day Wed. I NEED most of them ready for Thurs. morning. I hope to be back tomorrow with some pictures BUT at this point I can't make any promises.

I know I haven't shared action pics from last week yet... How I wish I could find a few more hours in my days!! Fingers crossed my girls don't have to go to Thanksgiving dinner naked or in old play clothes!!! My next post might be UGLY! I pray not to make any dumb swing mistakes. Hubby just called me from work and let me know I need to finish Elmo jeans tonight. Looks like my sewing machine will be running all night tonight. My children might find me sleeping on my sewing machine in the morning.

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